The Helio solution

How does it work?

Inspired by nature

HELIO systems have been designed to reproduce the natural water cycle. How does it work? With solar distillation!

This principle allows the treatment of a large scale of liquids containing the H2O molecule : sea water, river water, rain water, lake.

The water to be treated is delivered by a pump and a solar panel (included), to the tray located in the center of the sphere.

Under the effect of heat, the water evaporates and condenses in contact with the walls to form micro-droplets of pure water. This water will then trickle down the walls to be collected at the bottom of the sphere.

The solid residues are then evacuated by a purging system.

Produce your own drinking water

Produire sa propre eau potable

Helio, water as your like !

Thanks to the natural phenomenon of solar distillation, the water produced by the HELIO system is a pure water that can be consumed directly at the output*.

An optional remineralization kit composed of natural elements (calcium, magnesium, etc.), will allow you to produce your own mineral water !

(*) In addition to a balanced diet.

Become autonomous in drinking water

How many modules do I need?

Because to become self sufficient in drinking water has never been so simple...

A HELIO system is designed to provide drinking water for a family of 5 people with a production of up to 10 liters per day (8 hours of sunlight).

HELIO modules can be assembled to provide higher production if the need increases. Many configurations are possible.

Welcome HELIO!

  • A sunny and flat ground.
  • Access to a water source (sea water, well water, river water, rain water, ...).

The installation is done in 2 hours by 2 people following the detailed steps of the assembly instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between HELIO and other systems?

    On the market, there are systems for producing water by reverse osmosis, purification by filtration and other physical chemical processes.

    These systems often require:

    • High investments
    • High energy consumption (fossil)
    • A pre treatment of the treated water (many are not adapted to sea water)
    • The use of consumables and filters to be changed regularly.

    It is on these aspects that HELIO makes the difference since:

    • No consumables are used (filters, etc.),
    • All types of water can be treated, even extremely salty water,
    • No fossil fuels are used.
    • Over its lifetime, HELIO avoids 200 tonnes of CO²

    This makes the water produced by HELIO one of the most respectful and affordable in the world.

  • How to remove salt and residues from the system?
    A simple valve allows the system to be purged to remove any residue remaining in the evaporation tray. This operation should be performed once a week.
  • How to remineralize?
    Even if it is not necessary, remineralization offers the possibility of making your own mineral water with the remineralization kit. (bientôt disponible)
  • How to maintain your HELIO system?
    HELIO requires very little maintenance. The steam cleans and purifies the inside of the spheres. The mirror installed under the sphere is dusted if necessary. The water delivery module (pump, solar panel) is maintenance free.
  • When to activate the pump?
    The pump is autonomous. A twilight sensor triggers its daily operation and a timer stops it. The whole system is preset at the factory.
  • How to install a HELIO module?
    Simple and easy to install, the HELIO modules can be assembled by 2 people in 2 hours. All the steps are described and detailed in the assembly instructions. A module must be placed on a flat and sunny surface of 4 m² near a water point to be treated (sea water, rain water, well, river,...) A routing kit (pump, solar panel, pipe) is provided. The pump is immersed in the source to be treated.

  • Where are the systems manufactured?
    HELIO systems are manufactured and assembled in our workshops in France.
  • How is the delivery done?

    The delivery is made by our transporters partners in France and abroad.

    • In France: The delivery is made directly to your home.
    • Internationally: Delivery is made in one of our delivery points. Contact us.

The advantages

Les avantages Helio Water